Wireheads – Big Issues

The cassette ‘Country Space Junk’ from Wireheads that came out at the tail end of 2014 became a fast favourite here at Throw The Dog A Bone. A whiff of psychedelia and lo-fi leanings. A lot of experimental leanings.  Fast forward 9 months and the band now have a full length out on Australian imprint Tenth Court. It’s not exactly what I was expecting. It’s a more straight up record. It’s still worth a listen, though.  My copy landed this week. And it’s been an instant ‘hit’. The band sit somewhere between the band that I heard on that first tape and the rest of the Australian jangle-core bands vying for a place on my turntable.

The record seems to have been recorded in the USA by a rag tag bunch appended to the core members Dom.T and Liam. Read the liner of the record for the full story. That’s right, buy this fucking record and be done with leeching it from the internet. Some guitar was added by original members over Skype. This is the future folks. For a band in flux and the way the record was conceived it’s a remarkably cohesive listen.