Odd Box Podcast #2 – July 2015

I have started doing a monthly podcast featuring songs I’ve listened to over the past month. So why not share on this blog? Why not, indeed.

One Happy Island

One Happy Island are currently in the middle of a big bandcamp project where they are uploading all their releases and a few bonus things to bandcamp. The band and I have a long association. I released two of their LPs, put on one of their first ever (might have been their first one!) UK shows and also invited the band over to play the Odd Box Weekender in 2014. The dates on that tour could well be their last as the three members of the band are scattered far and wide across the US. Never say never, but y’know the chances look slim.

Anyways this recording surfaced just the other day. A live recording with Shannon, Brad and the then new recruit Meghan. ThisĀ in-store performance was recorded at Weirdo Records, Cambridge, Mass., July 2011. Tracks 12-14 feature Orange Nichole singing her songs.

Meghan also posted over on Facebook about these recordings:

Hi! It’s me, Meghan! Brad and Shannon posted a craigslist ad for a new band member and specified that they didn’t need to be a trained musician per se — but perhaps be the sort of person that always had a new song humming in their brain. I thought that sounded just like me, so I sent them an email and suddenly I was drumming and strumming and singing in a band! The dudes taught me so much about song-making and song-playing and amazingly always made a newbie like me (unless you count high school concert band!) feel like an important part of the band.

So! Our latest bandcamp upload is from a live show at the late, great Weirdo Records. Our usual instruments didn’t fit so we had fun rearranging our songs on all acoustic instruments and an even tinier drum set than usual. I think it speaks a lot to what we were as a band — always playing with new ideas and having a blast doing it. There are a whole ton of our own songs along with some cheery covers (‘Stacy’s Mom’ was my choice, in case you were curious).