Totem Terrors – Hard Science

Totem Terrors are a duo (Max and Rosie) from Cardiff. ‘Hard Science’ is their second LP. They crowd funded the money to put the package together. DIY. Their own imprint is called ‘Diet Pops’. They obviously raised enough cash because this is a beautiful record. Splatter vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve and a beautiful illustration by Ghostshrimp to boot. It looks lush.

I’m a fan. Their first record was great. And ‘Hard Science’ follows in a similar fashion. It’s post-punk influenced (think Wire, think Devo, think Delta 5) with a nod to late 80s American noiseniks (think Big Black).They make a lot of noise considering there’s just 2 of them. I believe Max makes guitar pedals and these are utilised across the record. The record careers along frantically, barely taking time out, leaving you feeling breathless (even though you’re just sitting and listening). Although the rhythms quickly make you want to get up off your posterior and start moving rhythmically to the sounds spewing from the speakers. Yep, it’s got danceability.

Recent single ‘Narrowman’ is a particular highlight. But you really are spoilt for choice across the 14 songs on the LP. The vocals are shared between Max and Rosie and this really works. ‘Tick Tock’ is a menacing slow burner showing that the band can handle subtle just as well as they are adept at wielding a sledgehammer. You get the idea, I really like this record.