Sofa So Good – the best of Ski Pie Rage


Ski Pie Rage is a music blog. It’s run by a chap called David. He’s based in Scotland. It’s been a good source of hearing about what’s going on in Glasgow and beyond over the past few months.

Ski Pie Rage is now also  a cassette label and they have just released this 19 song ‘best of’ – featuring bands that have appeared on their blog. Kinda like the ‘best of’ I used to make my mates when I was teenager – all these have been hand dubbed by David. Admirable.

I’ve only got the digital files at the moment. But I am sure it’s going to sound terrific hissing out of my old boom box. The music comes from the likes of Seconds, Joya, Breakfast Muff, Crumbs, Martha and Holy Motors to name just a few. It makes for a nice snap shot of some of the DIY goings on that are currently making waves. There are some real corkers on this compilation and plenty of acts that I’d not heard before – which is always a bonus.

It’s all streaming now on their bandcamp page (go give it a listen) and all profits will be donated to  Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity – based in the UK. Admirable again.

So go and buy this cassette. Get yourself a feast of guitar goodness. Be quick, as there are only 30 of these cassettes being hand dubbed.


Sweaty Palms – Hollywood Wax

Sweaty Palms are a Scottish band from Glasgow. ‘Hollywood Wax’ is a 4  song cassette EP and it has been released on the newly discovered (and so far excellent) Scottish imprint Fuzzkill Records.

Sweaty Palms deal in surf guitar meets lo-fi pop kinda like a dirtier and nastier cousin to 2000’s Sons and Daughters. I think I found this release via the excellent Ski Pie Rage blog. The EP ends with the sprawling ‘Mutton Dressed As Lamb’ which unravels like a twisted funeral march. Or something.

Apparently the tape is now sold out. So grab the download.