Slowcoaches – Ex Head

First up, an excuse: I am in the middle of selling up our flat in London and relocating to Cardiff. This hasn’t left much time for music of late, but I have still been listening and discovering good new stuff. There will be a new podcast in a few days.

For now though I’d like to bring your attention to the new single (and video) by Slowcoaches. ‘Ex Head’ is pretty damn perfect fuzzy guitar pop. Slowcoaches are one of my current favourites but they’re a long way from being a ‘new’ band and I have some vague recollection of seeing them at the YES WAY fest back in 2011(?) just off the Old Kent Road in some former car dealership. They seemed to re-emerge last year with a slightly changed line up and I was lucky enough to get them booked in for the final Odd Box Weekender and they were a treat. Live they were something else. Probably the loudest band of the whole weekend (and that is saying something). I look forward to receiving this 7″ so I can flip it and here the B side ‘Sucker’.

Earth Girls – Someone I’d Like To Know

Another find from bandcamp. Thanks awesome people I follow for finding good shit. I’ve got lazy and this is super fab way to keep up with the best new stuff coming out. Crowd source your record finding.

This 4 song EP is big on hooks and garage fuzz goodness. This was released back at the end of July. I was on holiday. I missed it. ¬†Another band I know very little about but these 4 songs are more than enough to make me take notice. Apparently a full album is in the offing. It can’t come soon enough.

This is the first release from Dirt Cult Records to cross my path. I dig.

Teaser Pony – Teaser Pony EP

Teaser Pony from Melbourne in Australia are the latest in a line of fine Aussie pop that is showing bands how it should be done. This EP is released on Cinnamon Records (a new label to me). The four songs on the EP mash up 70s powerpop and 80s indiepop with some surprisingly pleasing results.I can also hear echoes of Hefner albeit with an Aussie twang. Maybe they share similar influences to Darren Hayman and co.

Lead song “Champion Fullback” is a great big sounding song. Made for the radio. Built to bring smiles. And it seems to be about a Rugby player. Talking of the 70s “I.D.K.E.W.Y.S.F.N” even starts with a¬†little saxophone flourish which does nothing to dispell that this band are big into that mid 70s sound. Final song “Headed For The Door” is perhaps the most indiepop sounding moment on the EP as the band pick up the tempo (and the jangle) a little. You can order the limited 7″ from the bandcamp page. I reckon fans of Tigercats or Hefner might well dig this one.

The Cathys – Hysterical Monument

The Cathys are new on me. They’re from Sydney in Australia. They’ve just released their four track debut 7″ single. You can buy it over on Bandcamp. They remind a little of The Loft. In as much as it sounds like what indiepop sounded like in 1985 and the vocals are just off kilter. This is basement pop. This is the sound of jangly guitars and for once, it doesn’t sound stale. It doesn’t sound like a 4th generation rip of something from the 60s or mid 80s. Sometimes the kids have still got it.

This 7″ is a keeper. Go support a new band and buy the download or the 7″ if you can stomach the postage from down under.