Whitebelt – Bruce

I did a shout out on Twitter a week or so back looking for a ‘synthy’ band to book for an Odd Box show. I got a recommendation for Whitebelt from Camille in Bristol. And woah, yep. This is the definition of a good call. I have since booked the band to play (Sept 4th, Urban Bar, Whitechapel). Consider me impressed.

I have also bought their bandcamp release ‘Bruce’. A pay what you like digital offering. Over 6 songs you are whizzed and whirled by this hypnotic band. I keep reaching for reference points and failing. Sometimes my puny brain fails me. They’re kinda synth-y but also delightfully guitar driven – on ‘Space Vitamins’ they’re what you might imagine Shellac¬†and Kraftwerk mash up might sound like. The vocals from Tina Hitchens remind me a little of the late Trish Keenan of Broadcast. Over the course of these 6 songs Whitebelt have me hypnotised there is a deftness to the songs that screams ‘POP’ but it’s all underpinned by monotonous rhythms and repeating keyboard (and guitar) flourishes.

I have played this collection of songs a hell of a lot over the past week or so. They’re fast becoming one of the discoveries of 2015. ¬†Thanks Camille.