Odd Box Podcast #14. June 2016.

I forgot to post the last few Podcasts on the blog. But the June podcast is here. A little late. 22 crackers this month including new Odd Box goodness from Flemmings, Giant Burger and Rainbow Reservoir.

Will be back at this site properly in the Autumn – currently sans proper broadband so not much to post.

Full track list is:

01 Wireheads – Isabella Says
02 Palomica – Honeydew
03 The Bellamys – Do You Rly Luv Me
04 Droves – The Daily Driver
05 Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Nothing Came To Me
06 The Burning Hell – Fuck The Government, I Love You
07 Bad Vibes – Konbini Boys
08 Ale Mania – Vomit Pig
09 Megaflora – Anxious
10 Evans The Death – Suitcase Jimmy
11 Helen Love – Spaceboy
12 The Native Cats – Little Me Belongs To Little You
13 El Rego et Ses Commandos – Djobime
14 Rainbow Reservoir – Just Say Yes
15 Giant Burger – Kim Chemtrails
16 Nancy Sin – Room For Rent
17 Simmer – Faze
18 Flemmings – The Keep
19 G.L.O.S.S. – Give Violence A Chance
20 Orchestre Laye Thiam – Kokorico
21 Dog Chocolate – Roundabout
22 Chance The Rapper – In My Place


Odd Box Podcast #10 February 2016

18 Songs that I’ve been listening to the past month including new stuff from City Yelps, T-Shirt Weather and Nervous Twitch from Odd Box releases. And other new stuff from Maybe Don’t, The Brainstems, The Pooches, Tricky, Susan, The Shifters, HANNAH, Witching Waves, Jaded Juice Riders, Castlebeat, The Cherry Ices.

Older songs from Nun, Vic Chesnutt, Snake Of June and T.O.Y.S.

Full track list:
1. Nearly Almost Ready – Maybe Don’t
2. Simple Joys – The Brainstems
3. We Like The Hours – City Yelps
4. Heart Attack – The Pooches
5. Boy – Tricky
6. Terrormaze – Nun
7. Down The Drain – Susan
8. Spaghetti Western (Year 11 Prom Version) – T-Shirt Weather
9. Creggan Shops – The Shifters
10. Fall Out – HANNAH
11. Twister – Witching Waves
12. Face Paint – Jaded Juice Riders
13. Witch Craft – Castlebeat
14. Dysphoria – The Cherry Ices
15. Splendid – Vic Chesnutt
16. Something Wrong With Me – Nervous Twitch
17. Mirror – T.O.Y.S
18. Last Kiss – Snake Of June

Eerie Summer – The Way I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore

Eerie Summer first flickered across my radar in the summer. This new album ‘The Way I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore’ which I picked up over on bandcamp is dreamy pop music. According to their bandcamp the page are from Saint Petersburg, Russia and this is bright breezy indiepop with subtle hints of dream pop thrown into the mix , referencing the likes of like Beach House, Veronica Falls or The Radio Dept at their most ‘pop’.

Only available on digital download as far as I can see – the album is full of hazy pop gems. Particular favourites being ‘Never Good Enough’ and the doomy spector tinged ‘Weird About You’ but there really isn’t a bad moment across the whole record. Highly recommended.

Dream Dogs – Dream Dogs

Catherine Plewa (who is also in the fab Choo Choo Trains) recorded these songs when she was starting a new ‘thing’ under the name Dream Dogs. That thing, I think, eventually became The Stay Aways (who I have had the fortune to catch live in London). But Dream Dogs is the name given to these early solo recordings. They’ve just been released on bandcamp.

Beautiful and slightly fuzzy pop tones are what we have here. This album sounds pretty fantastic today, with it’s lo-fi charm to the fore. The songs wash against you, like the distant winter sun streaming in the window. Gentle electric (or acoustic) guitar strums recalling Beat Happening or a down beat Velvet Underground. Voice and guitar, occasional drums and vocals that are low enough in the mix enough to be heard without dominating proceedings.

This is the sort of album that would sound perfect on a 2nd generation C90 cassette.This is everything I love about simple DIYPOP music. A beautiful set of songs delivered in a languid style. Pop music.