Podcast – Favourites of 2016

Here is a 50 song mix of some of my favourite songs of 2016.

01 Helen Love – Spaceboy
02 Chook Race – Pictures Of You
03 The Bellamys – I Don’t Want To
04 Dog Chocolate – Be A Bloody River
05 Strobes – Guns, Germs and Steel
06 Hardly Boys – All  I Want
07 Evans The Death – European Bison
08 Wireheads – Banana Fish
09 Candy – How Long Do I Wait For You
10 Drahla – Fictional Decision
11 Crows-An-Wra – Perseus
12 Wolf Girl – Don’t Ask Me Questions
13 Tough Tits –  Hairless
14 Garden Centre – Scrap Yard
15 The Wolfhounds – The Comedians
16 Eleanor Friedberger – Your World
17 Heavy Pockets – (Don’t Wanna Be) One Of The Boys
18 Slowcoaches – Levity
19 Palomica – Honeydew
20 Rainbow Reservoir – Coco Sleeps Around
21 The Real Numbers – Public Domain
22 City Yelps – We Like The Hours
23 ANXIETY – Fool in the Shower
24 Meilyr Jones – Return To Life
25 Moor Mother – Tell Me About It
26 T-Shirt Weather – My Dad’s Black Polo
27 The Goon Sax – Boyfriend
28 Half Japanese – In Your Spell
29 RKSS – Cut Off
30 Ela Orleans – The Heretics
31 Good Throb – Scum
32 Suss Cunts – Anemic Boyfriend
33 T.O.Y.S. – G-A-C
34 Cowtown – Let Go
35 Scrap Brain – Don’t Talk To Me
36 HODAD – HODAD’s Day At The Beach
37 The Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation
38 The Manhattan Love Suicides – Bikini Party/Birthday Kill
39 Swimming in Bengal – Apricot Haze
40 Bruising – I Don’t Mind
41 Tricky – Diving Away
42 Porridge Radio – Lemonade
43 Terry – Hot Head
44 Nervous Twitch – I’m Sorry That I Made You Cry
45 G.L.O.S.S. – We Live
46 Helena Celle – VR Addiction
47 Giant Burger – Masterpiece of Shit
48 Hard Left – Western Rifles
49 Bad Sleep – Don’t Care
50 Martha – Icecream and sunscreen




My favourite 50 LPs of 2016

Odd Box has released 7 LPs this year. Asking me to rate those is an impossible task. But each of these 7 albums deserve to be mentioned in any self respecting blog post considering their favourite releases of 2016:

City Yelps – City Yelps Half Hour
Giant Burger – Giant Burger Forever
The Wolfhounds – Untied Kingdom
Nervous Twitch – Don’t Take My TV
T-Shirt Weather – Pig Beach
T.O.Y.S. – Sicks
Wolf Girl – We Tried

I shan’t include them in the run down below. But rest assured these are great albums and deserve to be heard by all.

Here are my ‘other’ favourite albums of the year.

1 Helen Love – Smash Hits (Alcopop!)
2 Chook Race – Around The House (Tenth Court)
3 Strobes – Brokespeak (Blood and Biscuits)
4 David Bowie – Black Star (ISO RCA Columbia Sony)
6 Evans The Death – Vanilla (Fortuna Pop)
7 WIREHEADS – Arrive Alive (Tenth Court)
8 Witching Waves – Crystal Café (Soft Power)
9 Cate Le Bon – Crab Day (Drag City)
10 Palomica – Petito (Fika Recordings)

11 Ela Orleans – Circles of Upper and Lower Hell (Night School)
12 Moor Mother – Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni Records)
13 The Pooches – The Pooches (LameO Records)
14 Dog Chocolate – Snack Fans (Upset The Rhythm)
15 Eleanor Friedberger – New View (Frenchkiss Records)
16 The Wedding Present – Going Going (Scopitones)
17 Ulrika Spacek – The Album Paranoia (Lefse Records)
18 The Goon Sax – Up To Anything (Chapter Music)
19 Helena Celle – If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst (Night School)
20 Flowers – Everybody’s Dying To Meet You ‎(Fortuna Pop)

21 Guppy – One Day We’ll Laugh About All This (Self Released)
22 Garden Centre – Garden Centre (Self Released)
23 Swimming In Bengal – Garden Of Idle Hands (Lugubrious Audio)
24 Jherek Bischoff – Cistern (The Leaf Label)
25 Porridge Radio – Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers (Memorials of Distinction records)
26 Tricky – Skilled Mechanics (False Idols)
27 Trust Fund – We have always lived in The Harolds (Self Released)
28 Pixies – Head Carrier (Self Released)
29 Meilyr Jones – 2013 (Moshi Moshi Records)
30 Half Japanese – Perfect (Joyful Noise Recordings)

31 Kid Canaveral – Faulty Inner Dialogue (Lost Map)
32 The Real Numbers – Wordless Wonder (Slumberland)
33 Tacocat – Lost Time (Hardly Art)
34 Cowtown – Personal Romance (The Audacious Art Experiment, Hot Salvation)
35 Candy – Waiting For U (Z Tapes)
36 Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)
37 PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project (Vagrant Records)
38 Martha – Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart (Fortuna Pop)
39 Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book (Apple Music/Self Released)
40 Darren Hayman – Thankful Villages Vol.1 (Rivertones)

41 Megaflora – Redwoods (Everything Sucks)
42 Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost (Run For Cover)
43 Goat – Requiem (Rocket Recordings)

This year there have been a lot of notable EPs including 4 on Odd Box that deserve a mention. In alphabetical  order:

Aquarium – Luxury Water Jewels (X-Kalay)
Bad Vibes – Demo 1 (Bandcamp/Self Released)
The Bellamys – EP (Odd Box)
Bruising – I Don’t Mind (Beech Coma)
Deerful – Home EP (WIAIWYA)
Hodad  – EP (Odd Box)
G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge (Sabotage Records)
Maybe Don’t – Maps/Traps (Bandcamp/Self Released)
Nancy Sin – Room For Rent / Again and Again (WIAIWYA)
Pale Kids – Home By Nine (Frux Tapes)
Rainbow Reservoir – Coco Sleeps Around EP (Odd Box)
Renick Bell – Empty Lake E.P. (UIQ)
RKSS – Cut Off EP (Alien Jams)
Scrap Brain – Demo (Bandcamp/Self Released)
Tough Tits – Hairless EP (Drunken Sailor Records/Frux Tapes)
VAN-illa – Scoop (Bandcamp/Self Released)
Whitebelt – The 100 Club Series (Odd Box)
Young Scum – Zona (Pretty Olivia Records)

As always. I have probably forgotten loads of things and there are few more recent records that I have yet to hear so they can’t be on the list even though I think I might like them a lot. That’s the nature of these damn lists.

Odd Box Podcast #14. June 2016.

I forgot to post the last few Podcasts on the blog. But the June podcast is here. A little late. 22 crackers this month including new Odd Box goodness from Flemmings, Giant Burger and Rainbow Reservoir.

Will be back at this site properly in the Autumn – currently sans proper broadband so not much to post.

Full track list is:

01 Wireheads – Isabella Says
02 Palomica – Honeydew
03 The Bellamys – Do You Rly Luv Me
04 Droves – The Daily Driver
05 Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Nothing Came To Me
06 The Burning Hell – Fuck The Government, I Love You
07 Bad Vibes – Konbini Boys
08 Ale Mania – Vomit Pig
09 Megaflora – Anxious
10 Evans The Death – Suitcase Jimmy
11 Helen Love – Spaceboy
12 The Native Cats – Little Me Belongs To Little You
13 El Rego et Ses Commandos – Djobime
14 Rainbow Reservoir – Just Say Yes
15 Giant Burger – Kim Chemtrails
16 Nancy Sin – Room For Rent
17 Simmer – Faze
18 Flemmings – The Keep
19 G.L.O.S.S. – Give Violence A Chance
20 Orchestre Laye Thiam – Kokorico
21 Dog Chocolate – Roundabout
22 Chance The Rapper – In My Place

Odd Box Podcast #11 – March 2016

Another month rolls around. Another podcast. This is filled with new stuff. Enjoy!

01 Half Japanese – Listen To Your Heart
02 Autumns – FedByDominance
03 Movie Brain – Lift
04 I Love Your Lifestyle – My Yard
05 Pink Mexico – Cigarette Spit
06 Death Valley Girls – Death Valley Boogie
07 Mr Bones – Do You Wanna Feel Alright?
08 Sepehr – No More Soul!
09 Vulva Culture – Hydromorphone
10 Candy – Stay The Same
11 Self Portraits – Stuck In Our Dreams
12 Mope Grooves – Brain
13 The Goon Sax – Boyfriend
14 The Missing Souls – Got To Have Your Lovin’
15 Marlovers – The Long Ride
16 Slowcoaches – Ex Head
17 Witching Waves – Seeing Double
18 Mumbles – We Are The Rockstars
19 Fever Dream – Fragile #2
20 Matt Wilson’s Flying Circus – [A Picture of the TARDIS]
21 Woozy – Venom

Slowcoaches – Ex Head

First up, an excuse: I am in the middle of selling up our flat in London and relocating to Cardiff. This hasn’t left much time for music of late, but I have still been listening and discovering good new stuff. There will be a new podcast in a few days.

For now though I’d like to bring your attention to the new single (and video) by Slowcoaches. ‘Ex Head’ is pretty damn perfect fuzzy guitar pop. Slowcoaches are one of my current favourites but they’re a long way from being a ‘new’ band and I have some vague recollection of seeing them at the YES WAY fest back in 2011(?) just off the Old Kent Road in some former car dealership. They seemed to re-emerge last year with a slightly changed line up and I was lucky enough to get them booked in for the final Odd Box Weekender and they were a treat. Live they were something else. Probably the loudest band of the whole weekend (and that is saying something). I look forward to receiving this 7″ so I can flip it and here the B side ‘Sucker’.

Odd Box Podcast #10 February 2016

18 Songs that I’ve been listening to the past month including new stuff from City Yelps, T-Shirt Weather and Nervous Twitch from Odd Box releases. And other new stuff from Maybe Don’t, The Brainstems, The Pooches, Tricky, Susan, The Shifters, HANNAH, Witching Waves, Jaded Juice Riders, Castlebeat, The Cherry Ices.

Older songs from Nun, Vic Chesnutt, Snake Of June and T.O.Y.S.

Full track list:
1. Nearly Almost Ready – Maybe Don’t
2. Simple Joys – The Brainstems
3. We Like The Hours – City Yelps
4. Heart Attack – The Pooches
5. Boy – Tricky
6. Terrormaze – Nun
7. Down The Drain – Susan
8. Spaghetti Western (Year 11 Prom Version) – T-Shirt Weather
9. Creggan Shops – The Shifters
10. Fall Out – HANNAH
11. Twister – Witching Waves
12. Face Paint – Jaded Juice Riders
13. Witch Craft – Castlebeat
14. Dysphoria – The Cherry Ices
15. Splendid – Vic Chesnutt
16. Something Wrong With Me – Nervous Twitch
17. Mirror – T.O.Y.S
18. Last Kiss – Snake Of June

Maybe Don’t – Maps/Traps


Maybe Don’t have just released their first free download EP ‘Maps/Traps’ over on Bandcamp. The band hail from Birmingham and if you listen closely you can probably work out that some of them have ‘form’.

The EP is an infectious burst of pop meets punk at an indie disco. There is something vital and life affirming in these 4 songs. Maybe it’s the space the band give their songs. Maybe it’s the I want to shout along to these songs at high volume vibe I get from it. Maybe it’s just the most fun I’ve heard in a while in simple pop songs.

Maybe Don’t sing that they ‘Don’t Care if anybody sees’ – I think they should give a hoot as this EP deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Listen for yourself. Then download it. Then play it. Over and over and over and over.