Podcast – Favourites of 2015

Here are 50 songs from some of my favourite releases of 2015.

1.Makes A Difference – Mammoth Penguins
2.Instrumental 11 – Flying Saucer Attack
3.Weird Around You – Eerie Summer
4.Resilience – Two White Cranes
5.Summer Song – Peaness
6.Burn Masculinity – The Spook School
7.Child’s Play – The Ethical Debating Society
8.Electricity – Motorhead
9.Get Away From Me Right Now – Flemmings
10.Another Drop – Beef Jerk
11.Crooked Cults – Wireheads
12.Getting On In Spite Of You – SPORTS
13.I Don’t Know – Oh Peas!
14.Confidence Man – Transistors
15.One Step Too Far – Knife Pleats
16.Glitter – Pinkshinyultrablast
17.No Moon – Chorusgirl
18.Dreamers – Trust Fund
19.Heartbeat – The Penny Licks
20.The Ships – Closed Circuits
21.Transmitters – Sauna Youth
22.Old Wounds – Try The Pie
23.Dragged Out – Chelsea Wolfe
24.Spilt The Beans – Drinks
25.Untapped Utility – Mope City
26.Snow – Frozy
27.Pedestrian At Best -Courtney Barnett
28.Rest – Seconds
29.Arselicker – The Glad Eye
30.Frozen Wasteland (Do It Again) – The Manhattan Love Suicides
31.I.D.K.E.W.Y.S.F.N – Teaser Pony
32.In The Street (If This Is The Future) – Nervous Twitch
33.I Don’t Want To Be Alone Again – Milk Crimes
34.Hello Dear – Melge
35.Shit Typhoon Hits Grantham – Dead Friends
36.Flutter Through The Winter – T-Shirt Weather
37.The Records We Never Play – The Catenary Wires
38.Sleeping In The Backseat – Tigercats
39.Back To You – Twerps
40.When You Die I Will Like You – Actual Crimes
41.We Are One – Ela Orleans
42.Chicken – Totem Terrors
43.Talk About Terry – Terry
44.Dance Forever – Fever Dream
45.Let’s Go Backwards – Beyond Pink
46.Yes, I Helped You Pack – Ghostpoet
47.Nude Beach – Peach Kelli Pop
48.Such A Stupid Fool – Expert Alterations
49.Windwaker – Grubs
50.Intrinsic Grey – Evans The Death