Seconds have just released one half of a split on the always reliable Scottish label, Soft Power. I caught the band live this week at New River Studios in North London and they were very good. They kinda reminded me a little of Slum of Legs – but a more stripped back post-punk version with a dash of Sons and Daughters thrown in. Maybe it was the synth/keyboards that made me think of the Slum of Legs comparison. Either way, Seconds were engrossing live. And their half of the split release is equally good. Check this band out.

I’ll come back to Joya another time. For now I just want to listen to Seconds a lot.


Peach Kelli Pop and The Pats Pats

This split release surfaced when Peach Kelli Pop (aka Allie Hanlon and friends) were on tour in Japan. The band hail from Ottawa in Canada and they make lo-fi bubblegum power pop. These tapes seemed to appear online and sell out within hours. I was lucky enough to nab one. The release is split with Japanese act, The Pats Pats and that’s about all I know about them. Google translate helps a little. But not much. They appear to be a duo – but some photos show 3 people – so who knows! After listening to the tape it’s fairly clear the band are from a similar mould to PKP.

This tape is fun. Hearing The Pats Pats for the first time is a bonus and their three songs are all pretty neat – stand out being ‘(It’s) My Melody’ . The songs on the Peach Kelli Pop side feature (what I think is) a beautiful Daniel Johnston cover of ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ and some more standard bubblegum pop which recalls a more saccharine NoBunny. It’s Peach Kelli Pop, what’s not to love?

I can’t find The Pats Pats side for streaming on line. But there is the fab live recording from earlier this year. Enjoy.