T-Shirt Weather – Gum

New video from T-Shirt Weather who are releasing their new LP ‘Pig Beach’ on my label Odd Box. The album is out on 26th January 2016. The pre-order is up on bandcamp, now.

The video was filmed by Grace Denton (The Middle Ones).


Beef Jerk – Tragic

Beef Jerk. Another Australian find. From Sydney. Marreckville? A place I got to spend some time only 16 months ago. Nothing like this leapt out and smacked me around the chops. More’s the pity. This is janglecore Australian style. It’s kinda beautiful. It’s kinda samey. It doesn’t matter. I like it. That’s what matters to me. You might like it too. That might matter.

I know very little about the band. But that doesn’t stop me turning the volume dial way up and basking in this beautiful noise.

I found this band via the Bandcamp music feed. Oh how I wish I was back in Sydney downing a schooner of beer.

Sauna Youth – Distractions

Sauna Youth have recently released their 2nd LP. ‘Distractions’ (Upset The Rhythm) is a potent mix of fizz bomb punk riffs and catchy-as-fuck songs. The vinyl record comes with a lovely printed (A4) lyric booklet. Lead single ‘Transmitters’ is a sure fire hit. Check the video above if you want proof.  Elsewhere the songs are just as sharp and punchy. There are a couple of spoken word songs with sparse musical accompaniment that give the listener a break from the wonderfully relentless guitar attack. But really, this record is all about adrenalin and not letting the listener off the hook.

This is a bloody great record.

Owl & Mouse

Here’s another band I’ve championed a lot since they formed a few years ago. It’s been a while since I invited them to play an Odd Box show and I should really rectify this. But I am fairly sure they’ve played a fair few down the years especially as they were settling on a line up. They’ve come on a LOT since those days. Some have argued that they’re a bit ‘gentle’ for my tastes. But y’know what, this new video for ‘Octopi’ is just great. Their debut LP is due out on Fika Recordings soon.

The band are also on tour right at this moment. Go see them if you can. I’ll be at The Shacklewell Arms on 7th July.

July 5th: Leeds – Wharf Chambers (w/ The Smittens, The Seven Inches)
July 6th: Nottingham – Spanky Van Dykes (w/ The Smittens)
July 7th: London – The Shacklewell Arms (w/ The Smittens & Tigercats)
July 8th: Moss, Norway (w/ The Smittens)
July 9th: Bergen, Norway (w/ The Smittens)
July 11th & 12th: Indiefjord, Bjorke, Norway (w/ The Smittens, The School, The Just Joans and more)