Div I Ded – Born To Sleep

Div I Ded hail from the Czech Repbublic. They’re indebted to that shoegaze sound – think hazy female vocals gliding just under the mix. Think swirling guitars that shimmer rather than bulldozing into you. This is at the brighter end of the shoegaze sound – more dreampop and floaty.

This 9 song album doesn’t do much new but it does what it does really well. If you like bands like Fever Dream or PinkShinyUltraBlast there is a lot to take from Div I Ded. Refreshingly the band stick to fairly short songs with most of the songs on Born To Sleep clipping in at under 4 minutes whereas other within this genre are often prone to longer meandering jams. So if you like dreamy pop with the emphasis on the ‘POP’ Div I Ded deserve your ears.

This EP came out on limited cassette via Dialog Crew. All now gone. Luckily you can still buy it digitally from their bandcamp page.