(Music) Things to look forward to in 2016

I don’t think I’ve ever (in all my music blog guises since 2004) done a looking forward to these things kinda post. So in 2015 I break this tradition.

Music stuff (that I am not releasing) that I am looking forward to in 2016:

Witching Waves – Crystal Cafe. I saw their label take delivery of these early yesterday (they posted a pic on a Instagram). Seriously becoming one of the best bands currently knocking up fuzzy guitar pop with a dash of The Cure thrown in. This kinda band must be a thing, already? Surely.

Whatever Ela Orleans comes up with next is going to be interesting. Following on from her ‘Upper Hell’ record I’m really be intrigued to here how she develops her sound after her collaboration with Howie B.

Pinkshinyultrablast have a new LP ‘Grandfeathered’ shipping via Club AC30. Talk of a heavier sound. Lead single that emerged this year ‘Kiddy Pool Dreams’ definitely hints at the decibel levels rising. One of my faves from 2015 and I think they’re primed for even better things in 2016.

Kid Canaveral played the Odd Box Christmas party and they showcased a some cracking new songs that are due to surface on their 3rd long player in 2016. This will be released on the Lost Map imprint. The band are now expanded to a 5 piece and I sense more sophistication and electronics will be bubbling to the surface on this one. Let’s hope they don’t lose the thrilling power pop that made them so awesome in the first place.

Martha – just finished recording their 2nd LP, apparently. I assume this will come out on Fortuna Pop! Hoping to build on the immense promise shown on their debut ‘Courting Strong’.

One of the most intriguing labels I stumbled across last year was Lugubrious Audio. I was first alerted to the label by Nathan from Martha (not a surprise as both Martha and the label hail from Durham) and I bought 3 of their cassette releases in 2015. One of which by Dead Friends was amongst my favourites of this year. So I am really keen to see what they come up with next.

Australia has provided a vast amount of listening pleasure in 2015. Bands like Wireheads, Mope City,  Beef Jerk et el have all made records I’ve enjoyed and I get a lot of my Aussie tips from the great Did Not Chart blog. So I will keep my eyes on what’s happening down under in 2016. I am sure I will be blown away by another slice of Australian indiepop.

Joanna Gruesome went through a line-up change in 2015. Singer Alanna McCardle departed and was replaced by two new singers (Roxy and Kate) so it will be fun hearing what the new line up comes up with.

The Jesus and Mary Chain have been recording a new record with Youth. Their first since 1998. I am all kinds of all over the place on this one. But I would be kidding myself if I was to say I am not looking forward to hearing what the band have come up with. Youth himself has recently commented on the recordings:

“That’s been a great joy for me,” he says. “What they do with their music, to be allowed in and to produce it is what gets me excited, and what they do as artists is what it’s all about. We managed to find common ground. And I work very fast, so it came together very quickly.”
He took the band out to his studio in Andalucía, Spain, which he built “just at the beginning of the demise of the big studios” – around 15 years ago.

Nun (from Melbourne) released a great debut record in 2014, which saw it’s US release in 2015 on Hozac Records. I really hope they have something new for 2016 as this record remains a constant on the turntable here. And their facebook page suggest new songs – they recently posted this video clip of a new song being played live.

Also we could reasonably expect exciting new records (some I may well be releasing on Odd Box and some I am most definitely not! ) from the likes of: The Wolfhounds, Fever Dream, The Ethical Debating Society, The Smittens, Frozy, T.O.Y.S, The Transistors, Nobunny, City Yelps, Trash Kit, Wolf Girl and T-Shirt Weather.

And I can dream about a new record from the Box Elders (I know they no longer exist, but I can dream right?)