King of Cats – Microwave Oven

Max Levy is ostensibly King Of Cats. He has a cast of ‘helpers’. On this record Roxy Brennan of Two White Cranes came over and sangĀ a song or two and these songs give the LP a balance. Live the band can also include Owen Williams (Joanna Gruesome, Grubs), Camille Reardon (Towel, Hallie & The Annies) and Laurie Foster (Playlounge).

‘Microwave Oven’ is the 2nd King of Cats full length. The first came out on the cool as you want it to be imprint Art Is Hard Records. On vinyl. Microwave Oven is seeing the light of day on CD, Cassette and Download. I’ve snapped up a cassette. Max’s singing voice always divides opinion. He has a scratchy voice and it’s easy to hear what the haters might hate. Personally I find his voice cathartic. This is a singer that wears his heart on his sleeve and you can feel the raw emotion coming through. Max also happens to write some of the best songs you’re likely to hear on any DIY lo-fi record this or on any year.

From gentle guitar strums, to proto-type electronics ‘Microwave Oven’ gives a good account of itself on the variation stakes. If you can come to terms with Max’s voice you are in for a treat. If you can’t that’s your loss. You are also wrong.