Dream Dogs – Dream Dogs

Catherine Plewa (who is also in the fab Choo Choo Trains) recorded these songs when she was starting a new ‘thing’ under the name Dream Dogs. That thing, I think, eventually became The Stay Aways (who I have had the fortune to catch live in London). But Dream Dogs is the name given to these early solo recordings. They’ve just been released on bandcamp.

Beautiful and slightly fuzzy pop tones are what we have here. This album sounds pretty fantastic today, with it’s lo-fi charm to the fore. The songs wash against you, like the distant winter sun streaming in the window. Gentle electric (or acoustic) guitar strums recalling Beat Happening or a down beat Velvet Underground. Voice and guitar, occasional drums and vocals that are low enough in the mix enough to be heard without dominating proceedings.

This is the sort of album that would sound perfect on a 2nd generation C90 cassette.This is everything I love about simple DIYPOP music. A beautiful set of songs delivered in a languid style. Pop music.