Slowcoaches – Ex Head

First up, an excuse: I am in the middle of selling up our flat in London and relocating to Cardiff. This hasn’t left much time for music of late, but I have still been listening and discovering good new stuff. There will be a new podcast in a few days.

For now though I’d like to bring your attention to the new single (and video) by Slowcoaches. ‘Ex Head’ is pretty damn perfect fuzzy guitar pop. Slowcoaches are one of my current favourites but they’re a long way from being a ‘new’ band and I have some vague recollection of seeing them at the YES WAY fest back in 2011(?) just off the Old Kent Road in some former car dealership. They seemed to re-emerge last year with a slightly changed line up and I was lucky enough to get them booked in for the final Odd Box Weekender and they were a treat. Live they were something else. Probably the loudest band of the whole weekend (and that is saying something). I look forward to receiving this 7″ so I can flip it and here the B side ‘Sucker’.