Maybe Don’t – Maps/Traps


Maybe Don’t have just released their first free download EP ‘Maps/Traps’ over on Bandcamp. The band hail from Birmingham and if you listen closely you can probably work out that some of them have ‘form’.

The EP is an infectious burst of pop meets punk at an indie disco. There is something vital and life affirming in these 4 songs. Maybe it’s the space the band give their songs. Maybe it’s the I want to shout along to these songs at high volume vibe I get from it. Maybe it’s just the most fun I’ve heard in a while in simple pop songs.

Maybe Don’t sing that they ‘Don’t Care if anybody sees’ – I think they should give a hoot as this EP deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Listen for yourself. Then download it. Then play it. Over and over and over and over.