Odd Box Podcast #5 – September 2015

Not had much time lately. So.

But yes I did find time to get a new podcast together.

22 songs from Odd Box HQ.

New stuff from Ivy, Grubs, Space Classic, The Glad Eye, Caramel, Cup Winners’ Cup, The Number Ones and Motorhead (covering The Rolling Stones!)

Older stuff this month comes from The Crack Babies, The Shop Assistants, Bogshed, First Base, Motorhead (again!), The Vichy Government (covering The Rolling Stones!), The Notes (an earlier band featuring Sam Ayres from Flowers), Bubblegum Splash, The Blow, McTells, Lou Reed and Daniel Johnston.

We also have a long lost peel session song from Meat Whiplash and a song from the 1985 album Phantasmagoria by The Damned who sadly lost their 80s bassist Bryn Merrick to cancer this week.